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We provide a one-stop business for MRI coil commerce by combining our expertise with those of key partners and strategic alliances. Whether you are buying, selling, trading, engineering, repairing, refurbishing for resale, upgrading, or even changing MRI systems, we have a service to offer in regards to your MRI coil needs. Our mission is to provide these services with the utmost quality, timeliness and effectiveness at a price that is sustainable in the ever changing market.


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Industry First


MRCoilsRUs is pleased to announce another industry first: the fully “Certified Pre-owned MRI Coils™”. These certified coils have been completely refurbished, tested and validated to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. They are backed by a 100% guarantee that they will operate on the designated MRI scanner achieving those specifications and look like new. They are also fully warranted for one year from the date of purchase.


About MRI Coils R Us


We are specialists of MRI coils or antennae, and collectively have over 10 patents, hundreds of coil designs, and a wealth of clinical, research, and market experience with MRI and the most important part of the MRI receiver chain, the MRI antenna or coil. We bring our expertise in the form of OEM or special project engineering, design, new coils for older scanners, manufacturing, repair, refurbishment, trade-in, marketing, and consignment sales of MRI coils.